Crystec Technology Trading GmbH is a European trading and service company, selling semiconductor equipment, LCD equipment and automotive equipment, furnaces and accessories, equipment for the production of flat panel displays as well as grinding machines.
Crystec has been established in December 1994, mainly as a representation of Koyo Lindberg, Tenri, Nara. Koyo Lindberg had no European representation before this date and Crystec started building the business in Europe for them. Koyo Lindberg is a furnace manufacturer for semiconductor, LCD/PDP, electronic and industrial furnaces. In the beginning Crystec concentrated on the semiconductor industry and meanwhile Crystec has several big customers in Europe. In Oct. 1999 Koyo Lindberg changed its name to Koyo Thermo Systems.
Later on, some more business relations could be started: Crystec Technology Trading GmbH represents also the sister company Koyo Machine Industries, Yao, Japan, a manufacturer of grinding machines. Also in this case Crystec concentrated first on the semiconductor products.
Also, Crystec Technology Trading GmbH added some more representations of companies, producing products around furnaces. SemiAn, Korea is producing exhaust gas cleaning equipment that can be used e.g. for LPCVD furnaces. The company Stange, Germany is producing advanced controllers and software, to be used for furnace control. In cooperation with Iwatani International the products of TKR, a subsidiary of Mitsui Mining, Osaka, Japan are sold in Europe. The company produces refractories and trays for furnaces.
A cooperation could be started with the company of Alpsitec in Grenoble on the field of CMP chemical mechanical polishing. Potential customers are mainly research institutes and universities in middle and northern Europe.
Another product range followed up by Crystec Technology Trading GmbH is equipment for flat panel displays. Although this market is right now still very small in Europe, we expect a growing market for the future. Companies represented by Crystec with products for this business area are Koyo Thermo Systems for furnaces, and Joyo Engineering, Japan, for various equipment e.g. aligning machines, rubbing, scribing and breaking machines.
Again in cooperation with Iwatani International, products of the following companies are sold in Europe: SE Corp., Japan for spacer spray systems.
Business could be expanded finally also to the automotive and metal processing industry, because Koyo Thermo Systems as well as Koyo Machine Industries produce also a large number of machines for those customers.
A strong relation has been developed meanwhile with Iwatani International, Toyko and its European subsidiary Iwatani Europe GmbH, Germany. As mentioned above, the products of the companies TKR, Sharp Manufacturing Systems Corp., Musashi Engineering, and SE are sold in cooperation with Iwatani.
A special partnership has been developed with the University of Uppsala. Their Ångström Laboratory agreed to serve as an application center for Koyo Thermo Systems vertical furnaces.
Crystec Technology Trading GmbH has meanwhile several offices in Europe with the headquarter in Altötting east of Munich. The company was founded originally in the town of Neuötting, Germany east of Munich and then moved in August 2000 to the close by district town of Altötting.
For the future Crystec Technology Trading GmbH wants to strengthen the sales and service for the existing principals. Beside plans for enlarging the sales volume to the semiconductor industry, mainly with products related to furnaces, the business activities in the area of machines for the automotive industry should be increased. Crystec sees a big potential for this area in Europe in the future.

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Fa. Crystec Technology Trading GmbH
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Crystec Technology Trading GmbH, Zinngiesserstr. 7, D-84503 Altötting, Germany (Area of Munich)

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